Four Laning of Bhopal Bypass

Four Laning of Bhopal bypass Road on BOT (Toll) Basis
EPC- 271.00Cr
Length- 52 Km

Project Description

Proposed road alignment crosses Nh-86 at Km. 13/6, SH-18 at Km.9/4,SH-23 at km.9/2 and NH-12 at km.324/4 and as a whole connects NH-12 to NH-86 covering total length of 52km. The Purpose of this project road is to provide New Bhopal bypass to facilitate unhindered movement to their destination. The tentative radius covered by this bypass is around 13 to 18 km from center of city.

This road will be a fully modern road communication system in the State to meet the increasing intensity of traffic on the state roads for the safe and efficient movement of traffic.

Bhopal Bypass is presently constructed from Km 300/6 of NH-12 Km 13/6 of NH-86, Bhopal-Raisen road and from Km 324/4 of Nh-12 to Km 18/6 of SH-18, Bhopal-Sehore road. NH-12 passing through Jabalpur to Jaipur connecting two states having huge commercial and goods traffic as well as NH-86 connecting Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh is also having huge traffic and most popular connecting routes. The traffic of NH-12 & Nh-86, presently passes through township area of Bhopal city, causing traffic hindrance and accidents. To avoid this situation widening of part of existing bypass and new alignment is proposed. The purpose of this new bypass is to facilitate the traffic movement to reduce the accidental zone and to develop the infrastructure as well as Socio-economic status of the city. Habitation surrounding the Existing Bypass is found. Frequently causes accidents & traffic hindrance. It seems that in near future city will develop till Existing Alignment suggested to search alternate.

Few state capitals in India have a history as eventful as Bhopal. The city of Bhopal has witnessed many changes since it was found by the Afghan soldier Dost Mohammed in the year 1708. The city has been through many phases, gentle as well as turbulent, prosperous as well as disastrous./ Bhopal has been a city in which one finds traces of cultures as different as those of Buddhists, Hindus, Moghuls and Afghans, all of which have been blended to perfection , providing Bhopal a distinct identity.

Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, is a fascinating amalgam of scenic beauty, old historic city and modern urban planning. It is the 11th century city Bhopal, founded by Raja Bhoj, but the present city was established by an Afghan soldier, Dost Mohammed (1707-1740). His descendants build Bhopal into a beautiful city.

The climate is moderate in Bhopal. The summers are hot and winters cold. But it does not face extreme weather conditions. It rains moderately during rainy season.